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According to Oxford dictionary, the term ‘assignment’ is defined as a task or piece of work allocated to someone as part of a job or course of study. In practical world, academic assignment tasks bind teacher and students with the string of knowledge. The teachers are known to assign tasks to the students to test their capability whether they can apply their theoretical understanding in practical arena. This is why our experts have assembled the most important points to guide you on how to pen down a good quality assignment.

What Makes a Good Assignment?

Most students seem puzzled whenever they are asked to compose an assignment. Let us give you a precise idea of the elements that must be included in an assignment.
Composing an assignment follows some basic steps that are illustrated for your further reference. We have divided the whole process of drafting an assignment into three major steps.

Step 1: Preparation for Assignment

Reading is must

In order to decide how to answer the assignment question, you need to read the question closely to identify the keywords and genre. Keywords are the elements that help you to take proper approach towards answering the assignment question.
A guide to identify words in assignment question:

Task Words

Direct you to tell you how to go about answering the question

Content Words

Tell you what are the topic areas

Limiting Words

Define the topic area and make it workable

Research the topic

For background information, evaluate what you know already. Your past experience will help you to read effectively. In addition, you can use these three effective research strategies to save time and cover a lot of ground.

1. Skimming

This scheme is generally used when you need to locate relevant sections from a large quantity of written material. Note the bold prints and graphics and glide your eyes over the text very quickly.

2. Scanning

This strategy is similar to skimming. After gaining an overview from skimming, allow your eyes to scan the material quickly and stop at the sections where you find important words and phrases and read those sections more thoroughly.

3. Intensive reading

This allows you to be more focus on the subject. If any text is difficult, read it once before making any notes. Understand the main concept of each paragraph.

Take notes

Jotting down the notes and highlight the points prove useful to understand the text. Here is the template to take notes from effective reading:



Page Number

Comments on information

Bibliographic details

Paraphrased notes

Always include page number

Interesting ideas by authors


Summary of important information


The reason of disagreement with the authors


Direct quotes



Make sure you use new page for each new reading.


Once you undergo an intriguing research process, your ideas get more polished and flourished. Decide how you would like to approach the assignments, what sort of information you would use and selection of the examples.


Once you undergo an intriguing research process, your ideas get more polished and flourished. Decide how you would like to approach the assignments, what sort of information you would use and selection of the examples.

Step 2 Drafting

Your first draft will be refined by exercising multiple layers of editing and re-drafting.

Referencing and citations

In-text referencing

Direct quotations and indirect quotations must be cited in the main text of the assignment itself.


At the end of the assignment, your comprehensive bibliography should consist of the list of books, journal and articles etc. that were used in your assignment.

Step 3 Editing

Most assignments drastically improve in quality by careful editing. The best way to do it is set aside the task for few days, take a break and then get back to work. This way you can return to the task with new perspective. Check for:
• Punctuation, spelling, sentence structure and grammatical errors
• Logical sequence throughout the paragraphs.

Common challenges countered by students while composing an assignment

Lack of focus

Students generally start the topic without gaining proficient understanding on the particular subject.


Most of the times, the students are least bothered to create an assignment plan before actually starting the drafting.


The students generally fail to fulfill the purpose of assignment composing.


Sometimes students consider their first draft as the final one and hand in the unrevised task to the professor.


Without proper research and planning, the ideas remain underdeveloped and liquid. There are many minor problems apart from these major ones, but when you are under the guidance of the expert, you will never feel obscure about drafting an assignment.

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