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An essay always puts forward the argument of the author. A scholarly essay not only expresses the opinion but it also tests the analytical skills. Developing academic essays is an important part of formal education especially in colleges and universities. In countries like Australia, UK and USA, it is used as a tool to improve learning skills and to evaluate the apprehension levels. Every essay involves intense and deep analysis with a methodical approach to the respective topic.

Types of essays

Many students are oblivious about the different categories of essay. For them, OzAssignmenthelp.com assorts the major types of essays with their brief explanations:

Admission essay

Admission essays are the most important segment of the admission process in colleges and universities. Aspirants generally develop an essay describing their ambition and goal of life. Selected candidates get the chance to study in the respective institution. The topics may be open-ended or specific to the course module.

Comparison essay

Comparison essays provide a balanced comparison between two different aspects or objects. It also discusses the similarities and the key differences between the two entities.

Argumentative essay

In argumentative essays, the author expresses their strong opinion about a topic and place substantial evidences and proof to support their stance. An extensive research on the topic is necessary before developing an argumentative essay on it.

Deductive essay

In deductive essays, the author draws a definite conclusion about the topic by placing relevant facts, information and evidences to support it. Deductive essays are a significant part of the academics course for students pursuing law and humanities.

Definition essay

The purpose of developing a definition essay is to provide a detailed explanation and analysis about a topic or concept. It involves concrete references with an in-depth evaluation.

Classification essay

A classification or a division essay organizes and groups the objects according to the characteristics they share with each other. The students need to follow a specific procedure to develop a classification essay.

Informal essay

An informal essay is an informative piece of document which generally shares personal experiences or thoughts. The approach is friendly and natural with an informal tone. Informal essays are written for reader’s enjoyment.

Narrative essay

Narrative essays depict real life events chronologically. It provides the author’s perspective on the topic. It has a narrative tone with specific details.

Persuasive essay

Persuasive essays try to influence the reader which provides a legitimate argument in favor or against the topic. It tries to persuade the reader to adopt the opinion mentioned in the essay with concrete reasons and logic.

Personal essay

Personal essays depict the personal opinions and the feelings about the respective essay topic. It follows a conversational approach.

Procedure to write a flawless academic essay

Developing an essay can cause significant vexation and trouble if the author is not aware of the procedure. Before developing an essay, proper planning is necessary. OzAssignmenthelp.com provides a comprehensive procedure about how should you plan your essay:


An extensive research is mandatory before you start developing your essay. The textbooks and the relevant references are the primary sources of information. You can also take the support of the internet which is regarded as the gold mine of information.

Incorporating own ideas

An essay becomes more authentic as you add your own ideas. Intensely think about the topic and make a list of relevant ideas. Incorporate those ideas in your essay. You can have a look at your senior’s work which can broaden your spectrum. But only choose the appropriate and well-written essays.

Planning your essay

A complete and a neat planning is necessary before developing the essay. Assemble all the relevant ideas and develop an accurate structure of your essay. On the basis of this structure, you can expand your essay.

Interesting title with flawless sub heads

An interesting title always generates more attention. Think of an engrossing title with equally strong introduction and subheads. Complemented with flawless English, it will surely win your examiner’s heart.


After you have completed your essay do not forget to proofread your essay. This essential revision will assist you to identify the mistakes and rectify them. A complete proofreading will make your essay impeccable.

Usage of factual information

In your essay, try to include authentic facts, figures and information. It will manifest your knowledge and research about the topic. Using accurate facts enriches your document.

Referencing and citations

To increase the authenticity of your essay, always mention proper references with citations which you have used. It also avoids unnecessary plagiarism. Attach a detailed bibliography at the end of your essay.

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