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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Can you help me to decide how much my assignment will cost?

    We can't really help you much on this as it is the experts who put the bids on the assignments, so it's completely dependent on them.

  • Still if you could give some approximate figure?

    Generally our prices are solely dependent on the nature of the subject of assignment and complexity of the topic. But to give a vague idea, the bids may vary from $8/per page to $60/per page.

  • Can you please suggest an expert?

    We apologize for not providing any choice on this matter.

  • How can I be sure of the expert’s capability when you are not suggesting any?

    All experts at OzAssignmenthelp.com hold highest of academic credentials in their respective subjects also they have practical knowledge too as they mostly have been professionals. These tutors undergo a rigorous screening process and their credentials are verified by our expert panel before they are inducted into the OzAssignmenthelp experts’ pool.

  • How can I rely on a tutor without knowing him?

    You can review the star rating of each expert that she/he has gained from the students on the basis of their performance. You can also check their qualifications along with the number of assignments completed by them.

  • Can I have a look at the expert’s profile?

    No, the expert’s personal details remain with us due to privacy issues.

  • Can I talk to the writer directly?

    Of course you can. Even before choosing the particular expert, you can communicate with the tutors through live chat system.

  • Will your experts set the deadline for my task?

    No, our system wants you to set the deadline for your own task. But once you place the order, you cannot change it. In exceptional cases, however, you can request the expert to change the deadline.

  • What is the payment process?

    To get a clear understanding of our payment process, you can refer to the following power point presentation where the process flow is illustrated in details.

  • Do you have privacy and confidentiality policy? If yes, what are they?

    Please refer to the following links:

  • Will I be informed when my assignment is completed?

    Yes definitely. Check for yourself in this screenshot.


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