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Once the payment is done, your designated tutor will start working on the order. On OzAssignmenthelp.com you can directly chat with the expert and keep reviewing the work in progress. Accordingly, you keep releasing the money in parts.

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OzAssignmenthelp.com is one of the most trusted online educational solution providers which value customers’ money as well as their satisfaction to the highest regard. Hence, we urge our esteemed customers to release their payment only if they are completely satisfied with our work and service. We have a definite and simple refund policy. We always pay back the unreleased amount to the student if they are not satisfied with the quality.

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OzAssignmenthelp.com is composed of 3000 plus academic tutors who are proficient to provide the best quality academic guidance to you. We hire only PhD qualified tutors from reputed universities of the world. We have experts in every academic field who are competent to provide complete plagiarism-free authentic work to you. Our tutors proofread every assignment and edit them wherever necessary. This makes each project flawless without any error.


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We provide you the exclusive opportunity to choose your academic tutor. As your assigned expert starts working on the assignment, you can continuously interact with the expert. Through our user-friendly interface, you can communicate and monitor the progress of your work. This continuous interaction and tracking ensure the best quality work you are looking for.

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