Money Back Guarantee

We give utmost value to customer satisfaction. So when we make a mistake, customers are not liable to pay for it.

The Guarantee

At OzAssignmenthelp.com, you are facilitated with money back guarantee subjected to certain terms and conditions.

  • In case you are not satisfied with the quality of our service or the assignment, at any point of time you can terminate your order. In such a scenario, you will be eligible for refund.
  • However, refund request will not be valid on the amount you have already released.
  • You will only be entitled to the amount which you have not released from your deposited sum.
  • Our money back guarantee, therefore, does not apply on the amount already released.
  • OzAssignmenthelp.com, however, holds the right to give approval to your refund claims. To know more, go through our “revision and refund” policy in the “terms of use” page.

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